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Family Pages

Big Meadows, 2013 (family reunion)

Panama City with the Testardi's, 2012

Philadelphia, 2011 (Aunt Norma's "Celebration of Life" reunion)

Aunt Norma's and Testardi family scanned pictures

Mom's 80th Birthday, Dallas, 2011

Papa's 80th Birthday, Tallahassee, 2010

Panama City with the Testardi's, 2010

Philadelphia, 2009 (Uncle Jerry's "Celebration of Life" reunion)

Panama City with the Testardi's, 2008

Amicalola Falls State Park, 2007 (family vacation)

Mom and Papa's 50th Anniversary (with Dave, Raquel, Claire, and Jonathan)

Family History, 2007 (some information on our family roots)
Philadelphia, 2007 (Aunt Dodie's "Celebration of Life" reunion)
Big Meadows, 2006 (family weekend w/Mom, Papa, Dave, Isobel, Lily, and Rich)

YMCA of the Rockies, 2005 (family vacation)

Boulder, 2005 (family vacation)

Lewis and Clark, 2004 (family vacation)

The Testardi Family, 2004 (a family photo album)
Thanksgiving, 2003  (family reunion in Tallahassee)

Italy, 2003  (family vacation w/Mom, Dave, and Rich)

Yellowstone, 2002  (family vacation)

We Remember!  (a family memoir, for our parents)

Individual Home Pages

Rich, Isobel, and Lily


Steve  and Cindi

Claire, Mark, Raquel, and Jonathan

Mom and Papa


Galileo Scientific


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